Rejuvenation research is a fairly new scientific field. Most people are still unaware of the great advances that biotechnology and especially regenerative medicine have made in recent years. In addition, most people put aging and death out of their minds because until now we have been unable to do anything about it and have somehow had to resign ourselves to our short and miserable lives. Because of this, many people who are otherwise open to discussion are unwilling to take a closer and more differentiated look at the topic and are thus usually stuck in their opinions, so that it is difficult or impossible to convince them argumentatively that aging is one of the biggest problems of humanity from a social point of view and should be fought. This phenomenon is called pro-aging trance.

The Party for Biomedical Rejuvenation Research seeks to raise awareness through publicity work of our present opportunity to develop effective medicine to combat aging, and gives everyone an easy way to get involved in accelerating this all-important development by becoming a free member or by voting in the elections.